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Jul 18, 2010 6:30pm EDT
. a suicide bomber hit near an iraqi military base. nearly 50 people were killed. it comes as the u.s. moves to withdrawal all u.s. troops. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is in pakistan tonight where that country and afghanistan have signed a long awaited trade agreement. the u.s. hopes the deal will increase the number of afghan and pakistanis. >>> still ahead this sunday. a celebration. south african icon nelson mandela. we will take threw. >>> tragedy for a church group on its way to visit universal studios. that story next. >>> tragic trip for a miami church group en route to universal studios in orlando this weekend. their van rolled over on the florida turnpike killing one and injuring 14 others. the accident closed the turnpike for several hours. no word this evening on what caused that crash. >>> storming a party in early mexico this morning and massacred 17 people. the gunmen opened fire without saying a word. at least 18 people were wounded. several of the victims were young. some of them women. investigators have no suspects or possible motive. they say the area is a key t
Jul 25, 2010 6:30pm EDT
back to the military base. the u.s. admirable wouldn't comment, but said that a massive search is still underway to find the missing sailors. >> we will do all that we can, everything that we can. we have a large number of forces that will return at least two individuals. >> reporter: the sailor's capture comes on a weekend that at least five u.s. troops have been killed and suffered bomb attacks in afghanistan. >>> now that the worse weather is over, what's ahead tonight and tomorrow morning, devon? >> reporter: a little better weather coming our way. one with extreme weather. this is from high heat, heat advisories, 99 for the official high and the destructive storms this afternoon. >>> talk about that nicer weather and how long that'll last in the next chance of storms. >>> in bethesda, this is typical of what's going on out there throughout the area. you have trees, branches down, cars trying to move around the fallen trees. we also have a lot of lights out there. we want to remind people the powerlines are down. you might want to stay put until the emergency crews can get out there
Jul 4, 2010 6:30pm EDT
of the monument the u.s. navy band is having a concert. that concert will continue until about 9:10 p.m. and exactly after that the fireworks display, uncle sam's 240th birthday. reporting live on the mall. back to you. >> thank you. >>> well, it is one of the busiest days of the year for fire departments across the country including those in our area. they are expecting thousands of additional calls because of people setting off fireworks. legally and illegally. surae chinn spent the day with local fire inspectors making sure everyone has a paid paid -- has a safe holiday. >> reporter: the fire inspector wayne champagne is part of a team today checking the 45 fireworks stands across fairfax county. >> do you guys have an area where you're taking your trash to. >> we are. >> nonstop. we have come in and we are just all working hard restocking. >> reporter: the fire chief says fireworks stands like this one are not the problem but the people who actually take advantage of the traffic and start selling illegal fireworks from their car. illegal or not, if used improperly can spell disas
Jul 11, 2010 6:30pm EDT
. colton harris moore stole cars, boats, airplanes, as he dodged u.s. law enforcement since escaping from a halfway house in washington state two years ago. the 19-year-old arrived in the bahamas nearly a week ago. police said he crashed a stolen plane that he taught himself to fly. >> the suspect in an effort to capture engaged local police in a high-speed chase. and leading to the royal keys. >> harris moore was flown under police escort to nasa where he remains in custody. they recovered the gun and other evidence at the time of his arrest. >>> dozens of police spent sunday canvassing the fairfax shopping center where a 19-year- old freshman was last seen arrived two weeks ago. he stabbed to death on june 27. and surae chinn reports tonight that fairfax county police could not account for the last 10 minutes of her life. that detectives went back looking for clues. >> okay, we're handing the flier out f the >> detectives returned to fairfax plaza shopping center two weeks to today where the 19- year-old was last seen. >> for any information that we could find about anyone that you saw
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4